Why Modern Video Games Suck


Do modern video games suck compared to old game design?
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This is a follow up the following video titled “How The “AAA” Market Is Ruining Video Games”

In that video I covered the business side of video games, and now I’m covering the actual games themselves.

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  1. I love video games, but the general trends of being too overbearing, too safe, and too samey have really made me reflect on how far games have fallen these last few years. Do you guys feel the same way or disagree? Let me know, would love to hear your thoughts.

    This video is a follow up to my "How The "AAA" Market Is Ruining Video Games" video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MrqwHFfu2xE

    I talk about the business side of games in that video, and I talk about the actual "games" side of things in this one.


  2. There are too many similar games, the modern video game industry now consists of sports games and first-person shooters. There are exceptions of course but there aren't that many.

  3. The Last of Us Part 2 feels like the last straw for me. Didn’t enjoy Red Dead 2 either. The two games I was most hyped for just didn’t match my expectations. Welp, time to move on to other things in life.

  4. Funny how you mentioned Fallout 4 map markers 4 times, but didn't show a single moment with absolutely the same marker system in New Vegas. Either it doesn't make a game bad, or you're only saying things people want to hear.

  5. Games are not made for fun anymore they are made for microtransactions. There is more items in microtransactions in games than game play now. We don't pay for a game anymore we pay for the shop so we can pay to play the game. Over 2 grand real cash to get the full game that is for every game nowadays. 50 pounds or 60 bucks for 30% of the game and over 2 grand for the other 70%

  6. I was with you until you praised Uncharted…..it does everything you're complaining about.
    Even the core gameplay is shallow. In fact the reason you probably didn't notice is cause it switches it up so much and ends up doing nothing great.
    I don't understand why games these days try to be everything.
    PCs and Consoles can play more than one game. So why play an Uncharted game which does everything half-assed, when I can play a game that focuses solely on one set of mechanics and does them very well.

  7. I think the excitement of buying a new game is better than actually playing a new game so I have a bunch now that I never play. I really did like dead island and also far cry but for some reason I'm addicted to fortnite. I hate fortnite though. Games piss me off more than bring me joy and I dont understand why.

  8. There's no skill in video games anymore. If you're better than you oppoment at CS 1.6 ,then you'll 100 percent of matches ,if you're better than your oppoment at Starcraft Broodwar ,then you'll 100 percent of the time ,and if you're better than you oppoment at League ,then you'll win 65 percent of games at best ,that's the win rate of actual pro players in League. In COD it's even worse.

  9. Gamers claim that "All Ghillied Up" mission from COD4 is one of the most intense mission. For 15 minutes all you do is, wait for someone to pass and go prone with your face in Cpt. MacMillan's ass.

  10. I love that I'm not the only one with this view. My favourite era for videogames was the 90's to the mid 2000's. Think games like Doom (the original classic), Half Life, Deus Ex etc. They simply don't make games like these anymore. It's all about fancy graphics.
    I think the only "newer" games that I really loved were the Mass Effect series (but not andromeda) and Fallout 3. But these games are considered "old" these days. I played Fallout 4 and it was pretty bad compared to 3 and NV.

  11. The witcher III is a video game that wants to be a movie and a movie that wishes it was a medieval themed porno.

  12. So this like everything I've seen doesn't help matters only thing here yes there movies not games and that's it it's not a game it's not complete it's just something that's going to be updated maybe and more damn dlcs god bless bye

  13. How many Souls like game before this genre dies?
    Jedi Fallen Order started out great. I thought im gonna have an Uncharted experience or Tomb raider at least but what i get is Souls.

  14. Nice videos. Been saying parts of what you explain for years. Been playing video games since 1983 when my dad bought a Sinclair ZX81. Had so much fun with games that had basic graphics of good graphics for that system. With the shift to HD graphics one thing struck me: many video games lost the "fun" factor and desperately tried to uber realistic while not putting the same effort into improving gameplay, story. FPS are a perfect example of this. Racing games is a similar story. Grab a copy of Mario Kart when friends are over and I bet you'll have more laughs than when you start playing the latest Garn Turismo.
    The difficulty is also an interesting point. Nintendo games were long joked about by teenagers as being "kiddy" so when some friends of our dropped by with their kids and the oldest, 17, wanted to see my game collection he laughed at seeing New Super Mario Bros U because he said it was childish, easy and cartoony. So I put a €20 bill on the coffee table and told him he could earn that cash by finishing a level within 5 lives. I choose one and he could not get passed the 1st third of the level and he became very modest and respectfull of games that look friendly and cartoony but can proof a good challenge. Or let them play Hollow Knight.

  15. Boy, you sure feel pain in 2020… apart from Doom ethernal… that games cool.

  16. I think the problem is in western produced games specifically, I think they have this hollywood direction they're going for. Big western releases are like the video game equivalent of Billboard Top 100 music

  17. Why are companies making games, for us to play right, if they keep making crappy games lets just not buy them, Those guys are smart they know we are gonna buy it, its like this new AC Valhalla, its gonna suck i know but everyone is hyped

  18. I’ve genuinely considered selling my console for the last couple of months and I don’t think I’ll be getting the next one, my passion has gone

  19. Games aren’t easier…you’re just a more experienced gamer. I’d write more but ill just make a video response

  20. There is a funny paradox in this. The reasons why games hold your hand and bombard you with "cinematic" scenes and map markers all over the place is because designers are afraid that people will get stuck, frustrated or bored. If they do they will play a different game instead. But here's the problem: things always revert to base. If everything is action, then nothing is. And whats worse, when it comes to attention, we will zone out as much as possible, so if the game never FORCES me to think about what to do, I zone out and get bored. So if you add questmarkers, mapmarkers, minimap, fast travel or breadcrumbs, you aren't ensuring I stay in the game. You are ensuring I zone out and get bored. If you want players to pay attention and stick with your game, you gotta force them. BOTW does this very well with the old man in the begining, you can ask him for help and he basically tells you to suck it up. I mean, if you are sent on a quest to find the lost sword of bagakush or whatever, it shouldn't be about tracking down a mapmarker. it's a lost sword! Nobody knows where it is! Why is my character psychic?


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