WELCOME BACK TO KOUKOU GURASHI Today we play the new update and try to get ourselves a girlfriend and make it super awkward…
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koukou gurashi is a high school simulator where the game comes to live through the conversations you are able to have and the choices you can make with the students in the game. You can look at is as a peaceful yandere simulator but koukou gurashi shines with the unique talking and interactive features.
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  1. Everybody pause in 7:36 and it’s says Sakura cardcaptor it’s the BEST anime series pls watch it even my profile pic is Sakura card captor themed

  2. Bijuu Mike’s character: thinking about chiyo makes me turned on
    Me: whoa slow down there keep this kid friendly 😂

  3. Hi bijuu mike heres a tip if you go to the school at 3:33 in the first bathroom you will see a kid in there/I am subscribed and have the bell on

  4. The Watchers. A Watcher is a strange purple statues with a drawing of an eye on them. There are five of them around the school. Students who like the occult believe they are supernatural, creepy, and will sometimes say that they don't want to "piss them off".


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