[Vinesauce] Vinny – Le Fantabulous Game (v0.9)


Vinny streams Le Fantabulous Game (v0.9) for PC live on Vinesauce!
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Twitch Livestream of Le Fantabulous Game (v0.9)! This is a video game for PC, the stream was recorded/edited by Vappyvap (Vappyvap88).
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Nguồn: https://sirinda-stories.net/

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  1. 58:53 I think Vinny might have been thinking of Murdoc from Gorillaz. There’s a video where he’s playing music just like this, and I believe he’s wearing nothing but a thong.

  2. Daddy would you like some sausage is my ringtone. Got very confused every time vinny got a collectible as im watching on my phone

  3. As soon as I heard "Erika" playing i knew right then and there that this was one of the finest games ever created.

  4. When I platform, I'd look at the platform and then look straight down and jump so that I have better indication of when to stop my velocity.

  5. 1:50:22
    almost 5 years latter, i actually know the music now.
    i mean i learned a while ago at the point but…the comment is now i mean.

  6. I wanted to check the comics out to try and figure out why there was so much hate about it… so i've read them… all of them…


    It's the first webcomic that i've read and it it actually really good! one of my favorites so far! There is not a single page (well, maybe a bit of strong language from Link, the monkey and a really few innuendos) that i disliked and i have to say it was a pretty safe comic! no lewds, no graphic stuff, i have NO idea why people are hating over it but all i have to say is that i LOVED it! if you don't have a phobia of diaper (like most people here on the internet apparently) you MUST check it out! says one who doesn't even like reading! XD this just made me want to start reading comics.

  7. These boss fights are so stressful, the enemy is always right on top of the player and your weapon is so slow

  8. IT HAS BEEN FIXED, BLESS THE HOLY GOD (haven't looked back here in a good while, can't wait to watch the whole stream again, YAY)

  9. Watching Vinny try to do platforming while always sprinting was getting highly frustrating, he kept overshooting simply because he refused to slow his character down.

  10. Nothing quite like watching Vin play a purposefully shit game sitting there reading his homoerotic Star Trek fanfiction.


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