Thermal Reactors & End Game Base Location | Subnautica Part 28 | 4k


Today we get out there and look for some kyanite for the thermal reactor modules for Cyclops and the PRAWN suit. Material gathered I head back to start building and have an very unfortunate run in. Then we build a small base in a safer spot and finish some upgrades. Finally we are ready to head out and make for the thermal power plant.

Subnautica is an amazing game a lot of people love.
It has a unique ambiance, created with the music, environment, lifeforms and game play.
Released Jan 23, 2018

The premise is you were on a phase gate construction ship and as you entered orbit there was an accident.
The ship crashed and you may be the only survivor.
You have to survive the on planet knowing almost nothing about it.
Your life pod has a fabricator you can make new items with, once you have the resources.
Exploration is a key point in the game and you will find many wondrous and terrifying things in the game.
You have to figure out the cure to your infection and the way off the planet.

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  1. OK guys I had to do some strange stuff to make this render.
    So I hope that the 4k resolution is ok. Also most of the timing and cutting should be fine, but there might be some artifacts of what I had to do.
    Anyway I hope you all like the information about the Thermal reactors 🙂
    Oh also I think you can build The thermal power plant on foundation if its warm enough for them to work.

  2. Hi! Ik I’m really late but I love the vid. Also, how comes you don’t die outside of the P.R.A.W.N or Cyclops? Especially your oxygen, how does it not run out that deep?

  3. where do you find the blueprint for the cyclops thermal reactor module? got it on the other save but totaly forgot where.


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