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As with any line of work, English teachers are required to use resources in order to improve their performance. In this particular field most courses follow a text book and there are a plethora of different names available in the marketplace.
My personal favourite has always been English File from Oxford University Press. They offer comprehensive, engaging courses to learners of all levels (except proficiency, which I would like them to consider) and I have always received positive feedback from students regarding the quality of this product.
As a teacher do not be put off investing in good quality materials as they are worth their weight in gold. The academic year is a long one and you can’t improvise classes every week. Students need to follow a structured course and that is what is on offer here. It comes at a price but in the end offers good value.


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  1. The plumber analogy is nonsense. I use books for most of my classes, but it depends a lot on the class. Purely conversation classes don't need books.

  2. Hi, I do have a question if don't mind. What is better to invest to teach my little sister. I used to study on new headway books. I am confused whether I buy new headway or English file. So, I would appreciate your advise please. Thank you.

  3. Hi, I have a question, Is this book aligned with a particular standard as the CEFR? Wich one? thanks

  4. Hello Tom, I have a question for you: have you used Cengage learning books? I have found that sometimes it's kind of difficult teach with those books which have topics related with science, arquitecture, astronomy

  5. This is a fantastic series of books! I've been using them in my private English lessons with students at different levels and they all liked it; what's more I have not got bored with it ! When I used to work at school I sometimes had to use handbooks the sight of which made me gag 😐 Cheers from a new subscriber from Poland 👍

  6. Hello Tom,finally someone tells the true.I have been struggling vith English so many years. I tried a lot of learning methods.Some of them example applications and BBC Learning English. I think BBC learning English actually lifestyle course and improve language skills for pouple with good English. So it is not able to teach beginner and people with poor English like me.I took a English course for 2years in the Hungary. We started with New English file pack.I have been living in England for eight years. I have tried so many things but I am back to New English File. I hesitated, but your video helped me to make the decision easier. Many thanks.

  7. Hey Tom, great review 👍 do you think it makes sense to buy & use this book for self-learning people? I prefer to have a teacher but I can't have access to one, so I'm wondering if it's a good idea.

  8. Hey Tom I'm a little bit confused in regard to two different Oxford books. So one is "English File" and the other one is "New English File". Can you tell me if they are different or if one is just a newer edition? Thank you in advance.


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