Chris shares with you his favourite drill to help you with your short game.

This drill can help you with both your chipping and pitching, and is sure to help you strike your wedges better, spin the ball more and hit those all important short game shots closer to the hole.

Learn more about the FatPlate here –

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  1. I want to thank you for this video it has changed the way I chip and because of that I expect to break into the 70's here in the next few weeks.

  2. Nice drill and nice shot. One swing thought I have for these shots, to avoid rolling the club inside, is to have the feel of the clubhead staying outside the hands on the backswing.

  3. Hi Chris, I love your videos. I’m really working hard this summer on the short game but am very confused on wedge play. In particular the difference between short shots close to the green and much longer wedge shots that play around 100 yards. In particular the use of bounce and flipping the hands on the close in shot. A video explaining the difference would help. The high handicappers like myself are told to hit all iron shots alike but I have doubts. Thanks!

  4. Chris – thanks for this, does the fat plate work for longer irons in respect of contact drills?? If so where can I purchase one – thanks in advance

  5. I like this method for keeping the club face on track. I find all your instruction very helpful and what a great place to practice it. Thanks Chris

  6. Hats off to the USGA they've set the course up beautifully. We're in for an amazing weekend of golf 🙂 bloody awesome!!!!!!!!

  7. Thanks Chris. DJ ripped it up today, he's looking unstopable. Fleetwood was on fire too. What has happened to McIlroy? I feel a caddy change coming 🙂


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