Minecraft Parkour Spiral Speedrun in 9:07


Long parkour map, great parkour map !
This was the time I was aiming for. My best possible time is around 8:50 I think. There are probably shortcuts I missed !

Map by Hielke :

Songs :

Actraiser Fillmore 8-bit remix :

MyNewSoundtrack – City Boss, the Chase :

DjTheS – Mario & Luigi 3 Remix – Dark Core Dance [Final Boss] :

Nguồn: https://sirinda-stories.net/

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  1. Ngl the music is really annoying and loud so I had t turn it down, but besides that this guy is insane ay parkour, props to you

  2. One of the things I don't like about Parkour Spiral/Pyramid is that the hard part isn't the parkour, it's where the parkour is. When I played this, I was lost at the 5th level but then I saw this video and it was easy after that.

  3. Astralio : Finish the map under 9 minutes, and do all the things like a pro
    Me : Spent 4 hours to finish this fucking shit

    Also how the heck you did this jump at 4:23 (I spent 30 minutes on this)
    And also which Minecraft version is this? XD

  4. This​ reminds Me​ of​ thor​ meme​ "you​ can't​ defeat Me" I​ know​ but​ he​ can


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