MatPat, Markiplier, & Dawko Take Scott's Money in NEW FNAF! (St. Jude Charity Livestream)


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For our big charity livestream with St. Jude Children’s Hospital, Scott Cawthon made us a BRAND NEW FNAF game – Freddy in Space 2! Markiplier, Dawko, and I joined forces to find as much money as we could. Scott agreed to match what we found in game and the stakes have never been higher!

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  1. Our heroes:
    Dawko: Scotts favorite
    Mat and Steph: The storytellers
    And Mark: The self-proclaimed king. They were hoping if they brought him on this would end up on trending.

  2. Something interesting I noticed,
    some of the Galactic Factory enemies look like the Circus Baby designs from Fazbear fights: Into the Pit. Coincidence?

  3. 36:33 – Funny how The Man Behind the Controls didn't become a big thing like The Man Behind the Slaughter did.

  4. This video is very special to me. It was released 1 day before my grandpa died of cancer. Since this is about cancer relief, I always watch this when I’m feeling sad.


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