Mars Rising – 16127400 Score (Full Run)


A full playthrough of Mars Rising with no deaths, scoring 16127400.
Played in a modified QEMU to get working sound and video/audio/keyboard capture. Game played and recorded at 60*408/407 FPS (~60.147420 FPS). Slowed down to 60 FPS (and audio proportionally) for YouTube. Audio was recorded but not monitored during play.

Mars Rising is a scrolling shooter game released by Ambrosia Software in 1998 for Mac. It was the prequel to Deimos Rising.

The original sound and music are TOO LOUD. They had to be reduced to 1/8th the original volume to not clip.

Game Asset Changes:
* Converted sounds to 16-bit at 44100 Hz, 1/8th volume.
* Converted music instrument samples to 16-bit, 1/8th volume.
* Drum samples converted to play at 44100 Hz.
* Other samples converted to 8x original sample rate.

I modified the Mars Rising binary to accommodate these sound changes:
* 8-bit sound loading/output changed to 16-bit sound loading/output.
* Music changes: improved pitch accuracy, ‘Filter16BitX’ function removed, sample looping fix, pitch bend code corrected for 8x upsampled instruments.

Wave Motion Power shows 12 bars, but there are only 3 damage categories: 0-4, 5-9, 10-12. Charging further than 10 adds no damage.
Air bosses drop a pre-defined set of powerups. If the player already has the maximum number of a powerup, then that powerup is replaced with 10 stars.
Not all ground or air targets have the same amount of health, even if they are of the same type.
The game has a limit of 20 powerups on screen at once. When at this limit, all powerups created are lost.
The nth ground target killed in a Sector (usually a few from the last) releases a Ground Accuracy bonus: a Bonus Multiplier, or 10 2000-point powerups (but only 5 on Sector 4).
All secrets give 2000 points, 10 stars, or an extra life.
Powerups from secrets and Ground Accuracy spawn at the top-left corner of the ground target’s hitbox, not the center (more bad programming).

0:36 Sector 1
1:26 Early Speed powerups make the game up to Sector 14 easier.
1:42 Wave Motion charge sound bug.
3:01 Sector 2 (Rear)
5:12 Bonus Multiplier x2. If you perfectly horde air targets and only kill them after getting the Bonus Multipliers, you can get 25300 more score across all 4 Bonus Multiplier Sectors.
5:28 Sector 3 (Lock)
7:56 Sector 4
10:22 Sector 5
10:37 The first tank died as it came on-screen, so it didn’t leave wreckage to block the second tank.
10:52 One of the NeoHarriers went far enough left to despawn.
12:48 Sector 6 (Shot Power 1/4)
15:13 Sector 7 (Missiles 1/3)
17:39 Sector 8
20:04 Sector 9
22:32 Sector 10
24:45 The secret 2000 points overlaps with the radar.
24:58 Sector 11
27:26 Sector 12 (Shot Power 2/4)
29:54 Sector 13
32:21 Sector 14 (Shot Power 3/4, Speed)
33:36 This is the first air boss that normally drops Speed.
34:48 Sector 15
35:01 The bottom-left parked plane is too far away to be killed by the fuel truck.
37:09 When shooting near the bottom of the screen with at least 3 Shot Powers, the game hits the limit of 60 shots on screen before shots reach the top, hence the gap in the shots.
37:18 Sector 16 (Shot Power 4/4)
39:48 Sector 17
42:18 Sector 18 (Missiles 2/3)
44:50 Sector 19
45:51 This air boss type (Lobster) is given no name in the FAQ.
47:20 Sector 20
49:51 Sector 21 (Missiles 3/3)
52:23 Sector 22
52:39 This tank is the only of its type in the game. Its top section can be killed independently of the bottom. You can see the bottom driving on its own for a short distance after the top dies.
53:22 The smart bomb killed another Lobster that just spawned off the top of the screen (you can hear the boss sound playing).
54:55 Sector 23
55:27 Passed 10 million score. Only the last 7 digits show in the in-game display.
56:30 I almost crashed into the bottom-right of the Lobster. You can see smoke puffs along the bottom of its hitbox.
57:26 Sector 24
58:13 Missed secret: extra life.
59:57 Sector 25
1:02:15 Enemies killed by the free smart bomb at the end of each Sector give points to Player 1.
1:02:29 Sector 26
1:03:05 The reactor’s explosion damages nearby ground targets, here revealing the secret 10 stars.
1:04:32 Missed secret: vent near the left of the screen (extra life).
1:04:59 Sector 27
1:07:28 Sector 28
Sector 28 is twice the length of all others and has no guaranteed shield bonuses. Try to carry full shields over from Sector 27. Here, it is easy to hit the max star count of 99, which is why I don’t collect all stars.
1:07:42 Tank Bug: if you kill a tank after it has stopped behind a dead tank, the new dead tank’s wreckage won’t block any tanks behind it.
1:09:31 Used Tank Bug again.
1:10:23 Ignored secret: top-right square in the 2×2 grid of black squares (10 stars).
1:10:42 Lobster Trio. This is where most runs die.
1:10:51 Missed secret: black square in the middle (2000 points).
1:11:10 Ignored secret: gray square (10 stars).
1:11:38 I weakened the reactor here to set up for the Ground Accuracy pickup.
1:11:58 Audio underrun.


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  1. 2020, still remembering the good old times playing this awesome game! Ambrosia Software was completely amazing, rest in peace

  2. this one if the best games I ever played back in 2000s I miss playin it I cant find it anymore I miss my I mac😔

  3. Holy crap I played this when I was like five years old.
    Also congratulations for having the ONLY English video about this game.

  4. So i'm not the only one who remembers this game. Deimos rising was pretty fun to, also had a killer soundtrack. The smiley at the end was well deserved.


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