Lil' Flip – Game Over (Flip) (Official Music Video)


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[Chorus: repeat 4x]
Game over, Flip, Flip, Flip, Flip, Flip, Flip, Flip, Flip

Ah shit, y’all done fucked up and let me in this bitch
I’m just your average hood nigga with dreams of gettin’ rich (But you don’t hear me)
My crib big like a football field (football field)
You might fuck around and think I signed a football deal (But you don’t hear me)
I take 15 minutes to drop a track (yeah)
I take half a minute to load my gat (But you don’t hear me)
I make ’em gloss all across the globe
I’m a pimp, I got your hoe takin’ off her clothes (But you don’t hear me)
A franchise like a Houston Rocket (Houston Rocket)
Every eight months is when I usually drop it (But you don’t hear me)
I got the streets on lock, I like my beats with knock
You know my heat stay cocked, niggaaaaa

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  1. Only here because I saw vid of a pregnant lady giving lil flip head in his car while the soon to be father watched on in horror 😩😅

  2. Was this his only good song? T.I stepped over Flip pretty easy it seems. Lyrically T.I is far superior and style wise. Lol I think their was one guy in my whole H.S that bumped this cat.

  3. @LilFlip713

  4. Hate the edit versions (Clean Version) of songs especially the old school ones like this it sounds ridiculous to me just so stupid takes away from the song. Listen to this one first then listen to the dirty version and tell me.

  5. AM I the only one who is pissed off at the intro? $100,000 could weight any number of god dam mass weights! He def didn't specify which notes it was and he did not zero the bag either …..

  6. One of my favorite friend's name is Flip… nickname from cool family last name….wonder where he went….hmmmmm…..


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