Last ZOMBIES On Mars? Space Colony SURVIVAL! | MarZ Rising Gameplay


Checking out MarZ Rising Gameplay. The last day on Mars spawned zombies in space. Let’s Play!

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MarZ Rising is a tactical base defense game, which lets you discover a completely new gameplay experience of the tower defense genre! Build, manage and defend your martian base. Let’s Play MarZ Rising!

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2065: Humanity prepares itself for the colonization of Mars. The early history of the red planet, however, holds some mysterious surprises. There is already life on Mars.. Zombies!

Guide your crew through a breathtaking single-player campaign and solve the mystery of the zombie horde. Well-thought-out base building and skillful resource management are the key to fending off zombie attacks. The game challenges your creativity and each level demands new tactical approaches. It is up to you to make quick, clear decisions and limit the spread of these creatures. This is the only way for you and your crew to get through the mission safely.


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  1. You should place towers together and not sell&build them over and over. What you should do is getting reinforcement (people) to man the towers you set up.

  2. Yeah, selling and rebuilding your defenses is more of a waste of time and resources. That's the main reason why you lost that last mission was you used up too much time when you could've just relocated the men in the guns. Another thing to keep in mind is watch the enemy markers, they are there to help you so use them to your advantage when you're setting up your defenses and energy hubs.

  3. You sure waste a lot of work by selling n building… and finally you build and walk out troops.. you to concentrate your defends on choke point.. why not just build the turret near your base …

  4. The intro to the game feels like it has been heavily influenced by the C&C franchise, particularly Tiberium wars.

  5. maybe not deconstruct your defence turrets all the time and then rebuild and upgrade your just wasting time and resources.. just unman the turrets when you don't need it and have the freed up guy go man a turret where you need them.

  6. Nice try falcon, but you must have overlapping fields of fire so it's more effective, don't place one turret behind another, place them next to each other 😀

  7. Story line seems interesting and if you finished off a wave ,but the skull icon is still there best if you keep the tower. If you do continue this as a short series.

  8. Love your work, but tower defense definitely isn't your forte, birdman… Placing one behind the first "in case they get by" is far less effective than placing them near each other so their fire covers one another (and you get crossfire on those that come up the middle) and selling defenses before all waves on one side are complete when you aren't desperate for funds (only do when necessary to prevent net loss over time), especially since you can shift the crew to man different turrets, as needed. Keep up the good work though, you spot games I find interesting that I wouldn't have noticed otherwise, this being one of them 🙂


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