Last Hills – Official Alpha Gameplay Trailer (Upcoming Horror Game)


Yoo Mi – Reu, an indie developer. 18 Years old. Single Developer on Last Hills. Build on Unreal 4 tech.

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  1. Omg it’s just the exactly same thing of The Conjuring 2, specially in the Valak’s scenes… and I loved it

  2. All horror games all the same mostly .This game for example reminds me another horror Visage …Even poltergeist looks similiar in both games.

  3. You've released a graphically enhanced game, which on its own is quite impressive, but I'm not scared.
    Where's the horror?

  4. I think what I'm saddened by the most is if we're being totally honest, all our homes would be living museums of product placement… This house is as "authentic" as they come, yet cheapened by it at the same time.
    Just wish this has more going for it than it's absurd attention to detail

  5. I noticed that it said that this game was made by an indie developer from Korea. Oh look, he's 18 years old…and likely doesn't understand how infringement works.

    I think any indie dev wants their game to get notice and praise, but when you shove name brand products into your game, that is a takedown notice waiting to happen. The only place where you could possibly show this is in a live stream.

  6. Man unless this guy is a millionaire this game probly won’t be released with all the product placement he has, unless he’ll replace some stuff

  7. This game has some amazing graphics, and great atmosphere, although the product placement is a little questionable.
    Has anyone here heard of CONCLUSE? it's like SILENT HILL and PETSCOP.

  8. I think the developer was going for the "slow burn" kind of buildup, but they wound up making it too slow. This really needs some music or SFX to set the scene; at least a sharp synth spike when the door slammed, for instance. Then again, this is just an alpha, so hopefully the dev fleshes this out in the weeks ahead.

  9. That game looke amazing and all…. But… Do they actually TRY to get sued? Or is it completely legal to use known brands all over the place


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