Knife game (five finger fillet) win and fail – blood warning!


WARNING! Viewer discretion is advised!
I’ve seen a lot of people accusing me of speeding up the footage. Guess what? You’re right! The beginning training part is sped up to get it over with, it’s not the actual attempt, those are later in the video, and at normal speed.

I was doing a lot of the “knife song game” thing lately with my trusty old folder. When i got confident with it I thought I’d record it. But then, I bought two Mora knives. They are hair popping sharp. And then i got a bit drunk. The rest of the story is in the video. Folder went well, as expected. Mora… It was going well, until I thought that it was going well. Then I stabbed my ring finger twice in a row, and then a thumb xD

But all the same, I play this game, ’cause that’s what its all about!

I know it’s dumb. I know it’s dangerous. I know, I don’t care. #YOLO

PL: co z tego, że to głupota i niebezpieczne? Jest śmieszkowo, to się liczy. Przetłumaczyłbym resztę opisu, ale nie chce mi się. I tak polaczki albo umieją w angielski, a jak nie umieją, to i tak nie przeczytają opisu. Jeśli jednak czytasz to, i nie znasz angielskiego, to pisz, specjalnie dla Ciebie, mój drogi wyjątku, odpiszę :3



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  1. I remember doing this back in school with a scissor (cos if course, you cant use a knife in school) and I did it with my eyes closed, and damn, I was brave to do that, I went pretty fast and stuff, and well…. I dont think I can do that again.

  2. I never actually lift the knife up high enough and I end up grazing my fingers, not going deep enough to draw blood, but about the last 2 layers of skin.

  3. Me*hmmmmm if can not use a pencil or a pen hmm get a butter knife ok now let's play U<U
    my friend morgan*WOW for one time you good at a game it a really a knife
    Me*yep it sooo not a butter knife :3
    Moragn*ok =_=

  4. I don't like blood but I still watch it and its a regret but that's some effort 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 poor fingers

  5. I got really good at it but I cut my index finger really deep that I lost nerves inside. But I have really cool scar. I think I want to get back into it.


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