I Captured A Dangerous Criminal At The Border – Border Officer


Why is it always the pretty ones who are rejected from entering Stravonzka?

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Itro – Panda [NCS Release]

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  1. Its funny and crazy how broken things in a game can relate so well, Oh the gun went off in the night club. all good.. and all the cars crashing all the time.. We all know what country this reminds us of. lol

  2. im honestly a little bit mad with the developers for making the neighbor black and shootable, while also being the poorest person in housing arrangements. it just shows how the whole black hate shit has been going on for a long time

  3. I will give you more 🥫🥫🥫🥫🥫🥫🥫🥫🥫🥫🥫🥫🥫🥫🥫🥫🥫🥫🥫🥫🥫🥫🥫🥫🥫🥫🥫🥫🥫🥫🥫🥫🥫🥫🥫🥫🥫🥫🥫 tomato 🍅

  4. 15:56 Shoots
    Captain sauce: ”THAT ACTUALLY WORKS?!?^”
    K.G.B (Committee State security of Soviet Union): ОТКРЫТЬ, ЭТО КГ.Н (OPEN UP,THIS IS THE K.G.B)

  5. Episode 1 I don't trust people with eyelids

    Episode 5 I don't trust people who don't blink

    Man people change fast

  6. Does our man actually know what SCP is? It’s an entire thing, and quite creepy.
    It’s not even from this game. It’s a mythical foundation to contain anomalies from
    Destroying the world.

    Trust me… 😉

  7. You know that it didn't say business it said bullshit when you talked to the guy that said he would fire you quick


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