Huge Military WW1 Game Has Been Revealed & New FPS Horror Game from Just Cause Devs


A brand new Tactical World War 1 FPS game has been revealed from Squad & Post Scriptum developers and the Just Cause/Generation Zero devs are about to show a promising Horror Shooter game. Both games look real good but we will have to see gameplay to judge. Which looks the most interesting to you?


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  1. Western Front is so overused. Why is the Eastern Front or the Fight between Austro-Hungary and Italy never used for games.

  2. I want the Korean Civil War and don't need any more "slow" copy of battlefield 1 !!!!!

  3. Periscope games trailers are extremely misleading and only in engine. Therefore I don’t value anything that was shown in the trailer. I’m excited about the concept of the game though and will look forward to seeing the released project.

  4. BATTLEFIELD 1 is the best let's see if this game lives up to its hype so far I like the trailer nice but everyone knows trailers are just trailers

  5. Large scale multiplayer games are getting so overdone. It feels lazy at this point. Make awesome single player war games with some campaign. There aren’t enough open world war games either, where you navigate a war zone and fight for control over different areas. Good AI could give a way more realistic experience than playing with real players

  6. Sometimes its players themselves that ruin war games for me. Like all you can make a game as immersive as you can but players themselves that just run and gun and jump around pull me out. Its not immersive, its merely a game set during a war time,never actually feeling like one.

  7. I think we all know about this crap enough. How about something new fresh, right outta left field, like saints row style.

    Or make it realistic as all hell, one bullet and you a dead man.

  8. Oh look ! The good american bois against the bad german simps, how original. Even though we saw a french flag i'm pretty sure there will only be America and Germany as playable factions, this is lame, knowing that America came as opportunists and didn't do much.

  9. Was this the one ww1 horror game you posted a couple years ago when it was all dark and you was tryin to get out of the trenches??

  10. Hmmm it still looks a little ‘battlefield like’ for me Verdun is the best style of ww1 game, it’s the standard for trench warfare games if you ask me.

  11. I'm living in ypres, Flanders fields. I have trenches in my backyard. I'm craving for an accurate realistic WWI game.


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