HUE Gameplay Walkthrough Part 10 University and Ending


HUE Gameplay part 10 is finally up and we are just about wrapping up the game. It had a nice little story thrown in to a great little puzzle game and I don’t know about you but I like this a lot! This may be the end of the game but looks like we still have some unfinished business. Come again!!

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  1. I have a steam code for this game (Hue) that I don't want, I am giving it for free, if anybody wants it, please comment here

  2. This game was getting so annoying, and seeing what is involved to beat the level I am on, I'm out, not worth the stress. meticulously planning out all the pieces, getting things where you want and the same colour, then dying from a little miss step and having to replay the last 5 minutes all over… for the nth time… forget it.

  3. Good gamw but VERY Bull Shit last levels. Uninstalled it midway university. No point in watching solutions online. Devs got over tjir head. Wjatnwee they thinking

  4. This game was great until this part, it just dragged out the ending and theres was no point in doing that. Thank you for the tutorial, I did all of it on my own up to here because I just couldn’t be arsed anymore lmao 😂

  5. This is the second hardest game I’ve ever beaten on Xbox, thank you, I would’ve given up if it weren’t for your walkthrough

  6. I love this game. As a colour blind person I love the shapes it puts in the colours. The music and the story are beautiful. I probably will get pulled apart with my comments but I don't really care. I really like this game and as I got it for free on the for my Xbox one I'm not gonna complain. I really liked it.

  7. Okay everyone complains but this game is really cool. I love the concept and the whole idea, and plus, it's challenging. Everyone is complaining about dying at the very end and having to redo it, but if you're used to a hard part, you can solve the puzzle easily

  8. Thank you for posting this. I got stuck on the puzzle at 5:18 and after finally getting through it, irritated, I stuck through and just finished the rest of the game with this walkthrough.

  9. Just beat the game, and honestly, I thought the game was fantastic (Despite most of the hard levels, and I also hated how the pink and purple looked almost exactly alike). It had a beautiful storyline.

  10. I found this to be quite fun, as well. As the puzzles get harder, they must be taken slowly, so that accidents don't happen. I wonder if it will be more about the story or puzzles, should a sequel be released.

  11. Came here for the part where i stuck at 14:35. Forget that box won't be painted when you change on orange… Thx for the vid.

  12. I spent 15 minutes on the last puzzlem then I forgot about the lazer and died when I had it solved, to make me redo the entire room is garbage 🙁

  13. Just beat this horse shit I don't know why. Story sucks. Some. Puzzles were good. But the last puzzle was fucking cheap. Music was great

  14. This game has made me hate colour enough to the point of wanting to go colour blind. The game seems to pad its run time with puzzles where one mistake makes the last five minutes of work pointless, and it does this several times through out the game!


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