How to Waste Your Life | A Short Film on Video-Game Addiction


There are many things I’d love to do with my life. Music, programming, and art are the big three creative outlets I’d love to pursue. But I’m 22 years old and I still suck at all of them. Why? I think I know why, and I aim to answer it in this video.

I know at some point there’s gonna be somebody saying something along the lines of “how dare you tell me how live my life, get off your high horse and stop telling me to stop wasting my life”. Most likely they won’t put it as eloquently as that but I should say: this is mostly an analysis of my own life. If it inspires you to do something more with your life that’s great! But otherwise if you feel insulted by what I said, I recommend not worrying about what some random guy on the internet thinks.

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  1. Selling my pc rn for 800 dollars its just msking me lazy fat and unhealthy and I play usually for over 10 hours a day

  2. As a kid, video games were a rare activity for me. We had one game called Motor Storm and we were lucky to play it once every few weeks when our parents allowed. There was something special about it. On my thirteenth birthday, my parents bought me my first PS3. This introduced me to a wide variety of games. Most of my greatest early experiences with gaming revolved around connection – the thrill of playing with friends and discovering a world one level at a time. I used to ramble on and on about these games with my all friends at lunch breaks. However, there came a time where my friends moved on and stopped caring about video games. Each hour spent training hordes of zombies didn’t grant the same excitement it once had. Nevertheless, I continued to play hours on end devoting my life to these useless games. I now sit, many years later, and nothing much has changed. For the most part, I am still that same lonely kid stuck at home wasting his life away on a glorified video game; living a lie and chasing that high of connection he once felt. In all those thousands of hours spent playing, I’ve begun to realize that I will never be able to reclaim a single minute of it. I wasted over a month straight playing video games and I’m going to have to live with it. I think it’s time for me to go out and make a few stories of my own before my times up.
    I’m still young, but this is something I wish I’d realized sooner.

  3. My brother used to be a huge gaming addict, but then he decided to get a job, now he works almost full time and got a bonus even, heck, today he even got his drivers licence and is making good money, YES, he still does play video games, but not as much! He enjoys them, but doesn't play them all the time. Most of his money goes to his future and savings, but he still uses some for games and other stuff, but he's doing really good! I'm really proud of him for doing that.

  4. Hey its me. Selling cheats for a game that played legit for 5000 hours because i am broke and gaming to much…….

  5. 15 or 30 mins of casual console or single player are ok but every hour grind game like rainbow six or league even competitive overwatch waste time and aren’t worth it

  6. There is no such thing as addiction to video games. Scientific research confirms that. WHO approved the meme of videogame addiction in order to conform to communist ideology of china

  7. Gaming is like any other addiction. You need to learn to control it rather than letting it control you. It’s easy to kill spare time by playing a video game but that’s where priorities need to be set. It’s so easy to find yourself hours on end in a lobby without realizing the more important and other responsibilities you have to take care of.

  8. i dont even need to fully watch the video to allready say that most of it is kinda useless to begin with. While i think ANY FORM of addiction is bad, and yes playing video games 24/7 might not be the best thing to do, so does pretty much everything else alswell. Videos like this work off the fact that you assume that life has a purpose and the reason to live is to be the most creative guitar player ever existed… but then you re dead and it doesnt matter at all. Life has no purpose. Life just exists. The whole point of it is to enjoy your time as best as you can because it doesnt matter at all if play guitarr, have 5 cars and you can draw picasso drawings aswell.. in the end your still… just dead like everyone else too. I strongly belive in BALANCE and not go all in onto ONE thing but if videos games are what makes you happy and makes you enjoy the time you have… then there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

  9. Fine with "wasting my life" cuz its more funner anyways I need constant stimulation or else I'll go insane I have adhd thank god


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