Game Theory: The Secret Life of Markiplier


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You might have noticed that lately things with Markiplier have been a bit…mysterious. Over multiple videos Mark has seeded in a lore that is melding fiction and reality. I know he “explained everything” but I think that was a trick. I think there is still something going on over on his channel. That’s right, Theorists. Today were are delving into the twists and turns of the lore around Markiplier’s Connected Universe.

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  1. No we did not BUT we did allow him to grow, be stronger, and perhaps heal from what made him weak in the past.

    Markiplier introduced him to us but by doing so he created the threat that is Darkipilier and the others even if somewhat indirectly.

  2. Matpat, you need to come back and do a part two to this because of the continuation of Damion and Celien's story and a Heist With Markiplier that has more lore in the Markiplier cinematic universe

  3. Its worth pointing out that Jack in one of his videos (Can't remember which one) replying to someones statement or comment about how "real" mark is in his videos, Jack replies with a snicker and says "You think mark is real? funny" or something like that. I saw the video way back in the day so I don't have a source but its in there somewhere

  4. Who else is re-watching this in 2020? It's been so long, but it popped up in my recommended and I just had to watch it again. This is one of MatPat's best Youtuber Theories ever!!!


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