FRAMED – Full Game Playthrough (No Commentary)


A full PC playthrough of FRAMED in HD without any commentary. Game released on May 17, 2018 as part of the FRAMED Collection.
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Please note that any fades or cuts in the video are breaks in the recording.

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» Game Description (Steam):
Rearrange the panels of an animated comic book to craft the story of a noir-styled spy adventure in the FRAMED Collection–a compilation of the multi-award winning puzzle games FRAMED and FRAMED 2.
» About this channel:
I made this channel for the purpose of archiving my own playthroughs of the games I play and sharing them. The gameplay is entirely unique and includes numerous actions and such that cannot be seen in other videos of the same game. Although my videos can be used as a walkthrough, they are not meant to be used as a replacement for purchasing the game. I play through the game however I want and upload it as such, not cutting out anything. Do keep this in mind when watching.


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