Ep. 45: Raise the Titanic Board Game Review (Hoyle 1987)


A review on a rare board game called Raise The Titanic.

The object of the game is to earn fame and fortune by exploring (plundering?) the sunken Titanic, raising it and recovering the ship’s log. You need to gather expeditions of crews, supplies and equipment and face many pitfalls.

The game plays in two phases, before and after the ship is raised (more on this later). In the first phase, you circle the outer board gathering your expeditions, and occasionally enter the two inner paths that actually lead to the ship. This is where you plun…er, “recover artifacts” from the Titanic. After the ship is raised, the game now becomes a race to the Home Port with the ship’s log. All players get an advance from the publisher and the race proceeds. The player with the log rolls only one die to the others’ two, and the log changes hands each time the player with the log is caught up with.

Winner is the player with the most money from artifacts recovered, fame points garnered and the ship’s log bonus.

The board is centered on a plastic column with a spring inside; a large model of the Titanic rests on the spring, loaded down by the weighted artifacts. As the latter are recovered, the model naturally climbs up towards the top of the column. Simple, clever and visually quite effective.

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  1. The Titanic is fascinating. saw a special on it last night. they said it would have broken apart under the ocean because the debris field is relatively compact not spread out as much as if it broke apart on the surface or closer to it. makes sense. I wouldn't worry about upsetting sensibilities. people are too sensitive ; its part of popular culture whether they like it or not. every game movie or TV feature I've seen treats it with respect and fascination if not a little too heavy handed. they can even make the history of the iceburg interesting.if anything it's odd people like james cameron leave plaques on the bow when they're worried about disturbing the site and that it will dissapear one day. and then traveling exhibits of items taken from the wreck. this is a colorful game board. deathly shades of purple. it does look odd being raises on a post. might have worked better visually if they could have made it translucent like D&D attack wing minis for example. its a nice simple sculpt though.

  2. It hadn't had to be about the Titanic, it could've been any ship of bigger size, or even a fantasy/pirate ship! I'm sorry I'm not living in America, 'cause this would be on my wish list for sure. Thanks for a good review!


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