Drunk Titanic (Beer and Board Games)


DYLAN RETURNS TO MAKE PEACE! And all 3 hours of this show:

Iceberg right ahead! Grab that six pack and jump into a lifeboat with us, as we do our best to sink Titanic the Board Game.

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Season 3 playlist:

Season 2 playlist:

Nguồn: https://sirinda-stories.net/

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  1. 2:00 Someone's tired.

    I heard when someone is sleepy, you can wake them up with cold water. Anyone know where we can splash him with cold water? . . . :3

  2. +BlameSociety
    What is this doing on the playlist for season 5???? (among several other episodes from previous years) Season 5 is completely screwed up. 🙁 please fix this, Blamesociety. I want to be able to follow this properly, but its just… a mess.

  3. 03:48 If that's the kind of pick up lines I'd have to deal with, I'd happily throw myself off the fucking lifeboat.
    But damn was that funny as hell. XD

  4. I have this game, it takes forever. its monopoly long. I had a character commit suicide by jumping into the propeller so i could stop play.

  5. So many times when I watch beer and board games I think of buying beer and drinking with you guys! But then I remember I'm all alone…. huhhhhh…. :_(

  6. we measure bad games in the unit "titanic" 😉
    [but we had a also lot of fun while playing because of this bad game]


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