Absolutely terrible scenes coming out of Melbourne today with the news that the IPL file became corrupted, meaning that we have to restart the 2017 tournament. Frustrated, annoyed and devastated and words that come to mind especially considering the time and effort that has been put in to this series. I am incredibly sorry about what has happened but it is one of those things that was out of our control.

There is however a small silver lining with us being able to use the 2017 IPL uniforms and stadiums now. It still doesn’t detract from the fact that we lost all of our progress though.

We will be playing as Kolkata Knight Riders again and playing the same format and I’ll be trying to get as many videos done asap to catch up to where we were. So sit back, relax, grab a pint or three and relive the opening round of the 2017 IPL tournament!


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  1. Once again guys, really sorry about what has happened. I'm pretty annoyed by it all considering how good we were going but I'm hoping to get these videos out pretty quickly in order to catch up to where we were. Thanks for watching!

  2. Doesn't your PS4 automatically upload save files to the cloud? Just download the backup, it's in the settings menu.

  3. Also, a thought for future cricket videos.. Get a mate in with you and play a local mate vs mate match? Or perhaps play someone online who can also record the game footage and themselves. Get some classic cricket sledging going on!

  4. Why do you spin the left stick so many times?? Just get it into the green and stop cause that weak spin input seems to be hurting you

  5. Your previous IPL got corrupted because you included Andre Russell in one of the games.

    You can't escape from ICC!

  6. Normally Chinnaswamy Stadium is good for bowling/chasing (because of D/N games and dew at night), but good decision to bat first (since it is a day game)

    Btw. 5:12 A Choudhary is left-armer, not right-armer

  7. I recommend on the balls that go leg side always hit for a 4 and also with the bowling always go for the off stump

  8. No need to apologise to us!! Keep your chin up!! Awesome work as always!! We get to see more videos this way 😉 P.S. Can you show some replays of boundaries and wickets?


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