Do I Prefer Hanoi? Teach English in Vietnam | Saint Patrick's Day In Hanoi!


Exploring the Old Quarter (Hoan Kiem) and talking about my thoughts on Hanoi vs Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon.) I also go out with some of our English teachers here for Saint Patrick’s day.
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  1. Hanoi is full of pollution and plastic throwers. It's the dirtiest city I've been in. I have to admit Note coffee is good though. This city needs some type of way to cut back on plastic as people literally get food and drinks from street food and throw the plastic near a bin or lamp post.

  2. I'm sure if people from the east visited the west they would find the fact we bury our rubbish just as strange.

  3. 5:38 ain't trash. That is "gift" (fake money, fake documents of "house", etc). They believe that after those paper things got burnt out, they (house, money etc) will go to the other dimension for the relatives to use all those stuff. 🙂 It's just a cultural thing, ya know.

  4. What they are burning in the video is not trash but some holy paper for religious purposes.
    Though they burn crap too…

  5. Hanoi is more pet friendly than Saigon. I stayed right next to Hoan Kiem lake when I was there and walked to Old Quarter every day. Great shopping place too.

  6. North – More money less to do
    South – less money more to do

    Really thats all there is to it, VN go to Saigon for the larger pay checks, and the westerns if they want larger checks the North is the spot.

  7. The paper that lady was burning was "ghost money" in viet culture. They do it to commmorate their dead relative in the day the person died.

  8. at 17.54 she is not burning trash she is making an offering to the gods for good luck , vietnamese are very supersticious its not rediculous

  9. Hey Alex, I was wondering if you would be open to doing a video about what it's like for LGBT+ Expats in Vietnam? Would you say it's good or bad? Or maybe neutral?

  10. Hi Alex I just return from Vietnam for my grandma funeral and for the new year. I meet some people that teach English over there and they go with NinjaTeacher. I talked with them about it and it make me very interested in teaching in Vietnam. Ever sense I came back from Vietnam I watched all your videos and they are great keep it up. I am a Vietnamese that born in Vietnam. I travel to United States When I was 5 year old. So I speak English all my life. I will apply for the 10 December – 4 Jan​unary course. What is your advice for a Vietnamese like me teaching English over at Vietnam? Do they like other Vietnamese teaching English for them?

  11. Alex, if you look closely it's not trash they're burning, it's lucky money. They burn it for there ancestors, especially during the new year to bring good luck.

  12. Sup Alex. How easy is to get vitamins and supplements in VN? I mean basic stuff: D3, C, Zinc, Magnesium, Creatine, etc.

  13. Sorry Alex, i´m from the south so i think hanoi Sucks. the only historic place for all Vn people is Hoan Kiem lake

  14. Oh, and so cute English teachers in Viet Nam! and that old Ha Noi town looks just like historic old town in Italy i just visited. Thank you! great video Alex! please make more! 🙂

  15. More and more Vietnamese can speak English. Thanks to YOU! Alex. Keep up your good work. Am so happy for Viet Nam, North and South 🙂

  16. hanoi > shitty saigon ofcouse . less robbery , less theft , no anoying southern duck accent . cooler , less heat , and have winter , girls look way more pretty

  17. Really enjoyed that Alex…Vietnam is definitely on the cards next year. Just signed for my 3rd year in Korea (pretty sure my last).
    How rare is it to get a full time contract in Hanoi/HCM?

  18. Hope you enjoyed this video – it was a longer than usual one!

    What do you think of Hanoi vs Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City)?


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