Devil's Third – Part 1 – Game Grumps Stream VOD (4/9/19)


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Game Grumps are:
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  1. Please make alie a part of game grumps slandered eps, her laugh is intoxicating, she makes what ever was funny even better😀😀😂😂😂😂😂

  2. 1:37:52 "Nobody like Corona" words that are becoming more and more true with each passing day in the current times that we live.

  3. Dan: I'm sure it will come back to you.
    Come back to him? He never had it. Unless standing out in the open while being shot is a good thing.
    It appears that Arin still does not know how cover works.
    I keep getting further in this and Arin does not get better.
    And then Jimmy happened. I hope it stops soon. I don't know what I might do if it doesn't.

  4. I would love to watch an action movie starring a hero as brutal yet introspective and soul searching as ivan. Like the "what am I doing" moment they did. Id relish seeing that on the big screen. Just, ivan asking the audience. "Am I badguy in dis? Cause starting to question purpose… Oh well, problem for later." Vise with a S means a Clamp or grip. Vice with a C means contriband / illegal goods and properties.

  5. Yay! 11:52! I forgot about this and listening back.. kinda weird but I completely understand now why people donate, just to hear their name if nothing else!

  6. Really annoying having Ali or Allie or whatever on the stream with you guys…she makes jokes thinking she's funny like you guys and she just comes off like the weird kid trying to act like she's hip with the cool kids. I came here for Game Grumps, not Game Grumps ft. their female Scrappy Doo sidekick. She totally kills the moment any time she tries to make jokes or join the banter. She is not a Grump and she shouldn't be trying to act like one. This should be Dan and Arin doing what they do best, nothing else. I absolutely love the Devil's Third playthrough and I came here excited to watch them progress in it more, but this is painful. I wish this was a series and not a fucking stream, it's nowhere near as enjoyable this way.

  7. I can’t help feel like if the developers leaned more into the over the top action of the game this would be more well loved.


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