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My review of this deduction game where you’re trying to be the first to figure out all the clues to where the cryptid monster is. You get a secret clue and you’re trying to find out the others’ clues by asking specific questions to narrow them down. Through deducing what can’t be their clues, you’ll be able to triangulate the spot of the monster. The first one to do that wins!

Deduction sheets –

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  1. Fantastic game, but I disagree about the use of a self-made clue tracker. The challenge of the game is to try and keep as many of the possible player clues in your head as possible. As your guess as to one player's clue changes, it might adjust your confidence of the others'. The games last much longer (running the risk of running out of components) and the tension builds and builds. If you're not TOO competitive, it's easy to bring in new players by just remaining quiet once you're pretty certain as to the correct location. I suppose if there's a player that is never doing well, a clue tracker could be used for that player.

  2. I don’t like sleuth that much cuz its a little bit too linear and mechanic to me but i love deduction games… like name of the rose or mistery of the abbey.. i think this one looks like motabbey for the mechanism of questioning ( that i loved )…printind out those sheets seems a super idea too… it looks fun and I will buy it this week and play it in a 3 players game. Do you think its worth it???

  3. So let's say, if one player has memorize one book of hints (sequence and content) and he gave that book(if it happen to appear on the setup card selected) to another player at start of the game, he could have know the hint from that player even before the game beginn and strike off one clue ?

  4. Thank you for your comments. I definitely have to try out this game. I always love your reviews.

    Also, whoa!? You play saxophone? Sax and piano my favorite instruments!

  5. best CRYPTID review on the tube. Best feedback to Osprey for possible game improvement and last but not least since you are a big a fan of deduction games this give people a better understanding of the reasons why of your opinion. Top!

  6. Ive been hearing that there is not enough components and some people run out during the game. Have you noticed this?

  7. I really love this game but me and my girlfriend would love to play at two players. We can’t seem to find the two player variant listed anywhere. Is there anywhere online that has even a rough estimate of the rules?

  8. Can't find the 2 player variant mentioned – also there is apparently an app aid for this, but doesn't seem to be a version for iPad?
    By the way, there must have been a pretty sharp computer program used for setting up the board options & clues setup?
    The gameplay is one of the smartest out there IMHO – just a pity it's realisation isn't so good.

  9. It can seem a bit shallow to talk about its appearance but a game should look like its cover – a bit odd they seem to have employed different artists for each, + a 3rd for the totally different styled code books with different colour schemes than the cubes & discs used (2 different shades of light blue???). Hmmmmm, makes you wonder about putting off getting it until maybe, just maybe, they re-release a better designed version in the not-too-distant future.
    Such a good original elegant game, though – and cheap!

  10. The issue I have with deduction games is that everyone seems to figure it out at about the same time. And then it just becomes a matter of who’s turn is next. Does this game have that issue?

  11. Box art looks amazing. Unfortunately everything inside looks like a train wreck. Game definitely needs a visual redesign, from the ground up.

  12. I really love deduction games and I would never have thought this would be good from the look of it. Thanks for this review. 🙂

  13. How on earth could anyone keep all those details straight without a tracking sheet? I can't believe the creators didn't make a simple template, even for gamers to photocopy on their own. I like the idea of the game, but the abstract nature of its presentation really takes away from the experience. I think I'll wait for the second edition because I really love theme and atmosphere in a game, of which this one has almost none.

  14. I read a review that said that they ran out of cubes and that this spoiled the game for them. Did you ever experience this problem?

  15. I feel like deduction is a genre where you buy one or two and then stop, even more than a lot of other genres. I’ve seen a lot of reviews where people have compared a deduction game to Fury of Dracula even when it’s a very different intended style. Personally I’m only really interested in Watson and Holmes and maybe one more in the future, whereas an engine game just needs a distinct theme or new mechanic for me to buy.

  16. Can the colors of the players be any random color? Or is there something in the book that would need to keep the colors the same as they are. I would be glad to make some 3D files for the structures and the yes and no tokens.

  17. Good to hear that there is a mechanic that can fix someones screw up. This problem is one reason I am not a fan of deduction games, but with this having a way to mitigate it is good.


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