Creepypasta Land Part 1 (RPG Maker Game) – My Boyfriend is Ben Drowned…


All your favorite Creepypasta stories in one game?! Welcome to Creepypasta Land, my new RPG Maker horror series. In this first episode, we ALREADY find Jeff the Killer, Slender Man, AND Ben Drowned!

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  1. I'm just watching old vids of tours since everyone is stuck at home. I saw the warning and knew I shouldn't have watched it but screw it I'm bored and anyways I'm already scarred from the husky creppypasta.

  2. I am so late…. But I ALWAYS HAD NIGHTMARES OF CREEPYPASTAS since i was 4 now i am 11 and i sometimes enjoy it
    They made me crazy right ;-;

  3. However many likes this comment gets is how many people were waiting eagerly for ben drowned, slenderman,and jeff the killer

  4. K so uh I was drawing Ben (cp) and you said Ben I looked over and kinda thought is this gonna be Ben before he drowns he then said I’m playing majoras mask and I freaked out knowing it was gonna be the cp so that’s funny not to mention right before this I did an online test of which cp are you and got my favourite. Ben

  5. Wanna know why I watch old stuff even tho I’m a.kid in 2020.ITS BECAUSE IT BRINGS BACK GOOD MEMORIES OF YOUTUBERS BOI


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