Creepypasta Land [1] – JEFF THE KILLER AND FRIENDS


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Can we get this to 500 Likes? 😀 A hilarious RPGMaker game all about creepypastas. I love it in the same way one would love viewing The Room – it’s just great. Also, sorry about the slightly loud game audio.


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Outro art by – RattledMachine

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Band: Misery Index
Album : The Killing Gods
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  1. I find it kinda hilarious that praying saves you from Jeff, but not Giygas considering in Earthbound you actually beat Giygas by having Paula pray and reach out to all the friends you're made along your adventure

  2. First comment in 2 months! I hope someone finds this one day.
    I love this game. I used to watch people play it all the time, and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. The graphics are not the best, the grammar is not the greatest, and the story is not top notch, but it still holds a place in my heart.
    I hope someone, either the original creator or someone else, makes a revamped version of this game, cause not only would that be cool, it needs one badly. I might even do it myself if I ever gain that kind of knowledge.
    Thanks for playing this game John.


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