#CancelCancer LIVE w/ Game Theory + St. Jude (Ft. Markiplier, Try Guys, TheOdd1sOut, and MORE!)


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You helped us reach $1.3 MILLION and we are so thankful! The giveaway may have ended, but you can still donate!

We are so thrilled to be hosting a charity livestream in support of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and we can’t thank you enough for joining us to support this cause. For those that don’t know, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital works to save kids and defeat childhood cancer around the world. They’re committed to sharing research and providing world class treatment to patients and their families, all at absolutely no cost to them. They’re committed to providing everything kids and families need so they can focus on the thing that matters most: getting better and living a healthy life. It’s truly an honor to support the St. Jude mission with the help of the Theorist Community today. Together, we can all help St. Jude end cancer for good! For more information, check out their official website. ►
And visit their official channel! ►

YOU CAN HELP RIGHT NOW by clicking the Tiltify link at the top of the description and giving towards our goal of $500,000. We can get there with your help! 100% of EVERY DOLLAR YOU DONATE goes to treating children and helping defeat cancer once and for all!

For lists of international countries able to donate, please check these lists:

Special Thanks to today’s guests! (by order of appearance):
Rosanna Pansino ►
Husky ►
VSauce3 ►
Kyle Hill (Because Science) ►
Colleen Ballinger ►
NateWantstoBattle ►
Jirard The Completionist ►
The Try Guys ►
The Odd1sOut ►
SomethingElseYT ►
Markiplier ►
Dawko ►
Miguel from St. Jude Children’s Hospital ►

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-The Top Donor’s avatar or likeness will appear in the current Game Theory intro!
-Top 100 donors will be featured in the on screen credits of an upcoming Game Theory!

Donation Raffle:
Enter our Giveaway Raffle by Donating $10 or more! Make sure you are choosing the correct reward for the amount you are donating – there are several options but you get ONE per donation! Raffle winners will be contacted via email provided via Tiltify AFTER the livestream, given one week to respond, and if unable to be reached, we will then move on to pick another winner. All items will ship worldwide!
Enter the Raffle for a Chance to Win ONE of the Following Prizes:
– 1 of 10 Internet Friends Posters Signed by Every Guest on this Livestream!
– 1 of 5 Theorist Merch Swag Bags!
– A Curated Basket of Exotic Butters!
– A New Nintendo Switch with a Game Theory case signed by MatPat!
– A New Google Nest Hub Max!
– 1 of 4 HyperX prize packs!
– One winner’s avatar or likeness will appear in the current Game Theory intro!

Any donation lets you participate in our 2 Bidding Wars! One vote per donation!
– The Battle for MatPat’s Hair!: Should Matt shave his head or get a full body wax?
– Pick Our FNAF Character! You get to pick who we play as in when we play the NEW FNAF game Scott Cawthon made for our livestream! This poll ends when we start playing FNAF!

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  1. After an INCREDIBLE day of donations and Scott's unbelievably generous offer to donate the full amount hidden in the game, our final total raised is…$1,331,273.50.

    Over a million dollars raised in ten hours! THIS is the power of communities uniting for good.
    I'm overwhelmed with gratitude.
    Thank you ALL for your support of this amazing cause.

    Updates on incentives:
    – Over the next few days, Tiltify will be pulling names for all the raffle items. You'll be contacted via email.
    – Stephanie has a hair appointment scheduled and will be dyeing her hair next week.
    – I'll be fully shaving my head next Friday (the 13th). That's also when I'll officially stop shaving for the next thirty days…resulting in what will end up being the strangest hair days of my life. Wish me luck 🙂

  2. "This stuff is really well hidden." You're talking about the guy that hides things in ALL things FNAF. of course it's well hidden MatPat!

  3. I haven’t watched this whole stream, but is there a part where Nate starts singing? Because seriously, he’s such an amazing singer.

  4. Dude…..I can't even afford A Nintendo Switch and these guys just get 50?

    I need to start making some theories ASAP!😂😂

  5. I feel so bad right now because ive nearly seen all of your fnaf theory videos and never got the chance to donate to an awesome cause i lost my grandpa to the hands of cancer in April 3 of 2019 this is me in 2020 saying im sorry

  6. On the 27th of May 2018, myself along with 16 other students from my school, shaved our heads (as well as collect money of course) for a charity that was also dedicated to cancer research and together we collected 11k… I will never forget that day. It was both the scariest and the best day of my life.


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