All of the Game Grumps intros (As of April 24, 2019)


(4/23/19) HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!!! It is my 23rd Birthday and decided to return to YouTube with an update of the Game Grumps intros. And I did something special, I included all of the Ghoul Grumps intros for those who were waiting patiently. If you’re wondering how I place them in order, I’ll tell. Game Grumps, VS, and Guest Grumps go first and by order. After that is BEST OF entries that they’ve made. Then, Steam Train is next and goes in order, even the new intros, then it’s the holiday related intros (in order), then Table Flip, Grumpcade, Guild Grumps, and new entries to our list is Doodle Doods, World Famous, The G Club, Office Tour and 10 Minute Power Hour. New additions are the live streams and the Jimmy and Franklin intros (ugh). And now you know. Enjoy.


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  1. I know it's repetitive, but I just love the steam train intros with different people, and all their little ~choo choo

  2. 1:49 honestly how i thought the game grump intro would be like permanently after jon left (i still like dan tho hes fits in well for game grumps)

  3. I’m sitting here through the “best of” intros and y’all are like “65% of this is ghoul grumps” and That looks impossible from here but it seems that’s about to change

  4. How did it go from jontron and egroraptor, to Danny and jontron, to Arin and Jon?
    Like did they just keep getting different people on the channel and act like there the original channel owner

    Sorry I’m new here q😅😁


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