All of the Game Grumps Intros (As of April 23, 2020)


That’s right, I’m back, and on my 24th Birthday. Also, it’s in 1080 again. Why did it take so long to update? The file was constantly crashing again, whenever I add in more files, it has issues. Then back in November, I had to get my Windows 10 laptop fixed because it kept looping with the Dell logo. My files were safe, but realizing that I should make a new file. This time instead of Premiere Elements 9, I used Premiere Pro 6. So far, no issues and everything runs smoothly. And for the first time in years, it’s back in 1080 quality, no longer 720.

If you’re wondering how I place them in order, I’ll tell. Game Grumps, VS, and Guest Grumps go first and by order. Next is the BEST OF entries they made. Then, Steam Train and Steam Rolled are placed in order, then it’s the holiday related intros (with Ghoul Grumps), Table Flip, Grumpcade, Guild Grumps, Doodle Doods, World Famous, The G Club, Office Tour, the crap Ten Minute Power Hour, and the god-awful Jimmy and Franklin intros. And now you know. Enjoy.


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  1. so after watching this my friend came over and I was like "shebidy bop duh dudda du dit du, duditu two players duditutida

  2. Something about “Hey Ross, let’s play a game!” followed by Ross not singing but just saying “Ok I guess I’m down with that let’s do it.” just gets me. 23:02 is roughly where it is.


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