AGONY – Ending & Satan Final Boss Fight


AGONY Gameplay Walkthrough PC Xbox One X PS4 PRO No Commentary 1080p 60fps HD let’s play playthrough review guide
Showcasing all final boss and true ending.

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  1. Im trying my best to do the platform section of this "fight" and i hate that every time you die, you gotta go all the way back and be the big dude just to wait and be the booby demon, then if you fail, there is more waiting.

  2. Kinda sad, this game has so much wasted potential. With a better combat system and some more real boss fights this would have been a great game.

  3. People who bought this game: (thought it was going to have a good story and gameplay)

    Me who bought it: haha tiddies

  4. Let's just hope there's agony 2 with a better gameplay and every jumpscare in this game which I know this game has jumpscares 😊

  5. unrated version was pretty cool, the game is not that bad! and this guy is not satan, its the beast. and the red queen is the whore of babylon riding it, to bring the end of all times.


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