A Fate/Grand Order Fighting Game?



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  1. There's so much spin-off potential from FGO, fighting game, MOBA, but if you can keep making thousands of dollars from making new animated png every month, why make a new game

  2. If arcsys won't make it there's also french bread, they made the melty blood series which was based by tsukihime which was also made by type-moon

  3. Hey there👋🏽
    I’m a game developer and I wondering if you could give me some feedback about it
    It’s called Pokémon Kanto Generations


  4. Many mobile games are having their own fighting games this could be the time for a fate fighting game to shine in a competitive scene. If it happens I hope they wont have a gacha system for characters lmao.

  5. I think there's a huge market for a FGO fighting game. Especially since they already have all the elements they need.


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