4 Easy Ways in Excel to Convert Numbers Stored as Text to Numbers – Workbook Included


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4 quick and simple methods to use in Excel to convert a range of numbers that are stored as text to be stored as numbers. This is an important thing to know how to do when working with large data sets, especially when that data is imported into Excel from other programs or CSV files.

The methods show here will work on any version of Excel and should be considered key tools to memorize for any daily spreadsheet user.


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  1. Thank you for this video!!! I am working on a pricing sheets with all kinds of issues! This fixed one of the bigger ones for me…that text to columns….wow! WFH sure allows for great Youtube training! 🙂

  2. How to convcert text for example 93,3 to number? Text to column function doesnt work, or only work if you want to cut commas away..

  3. Thank you so much. When i entry numeric via data entry form then it store as text. Now i solved this problem by your formula.

  4. It just happens that I was struggling with a match formula issue today.  However, I am matching one column with another column that both contain two integers and two letters (in caps).  Ex: 04TT in cell A2 and 04TC in cell B2.  The match formula did not recognize that these are different.  I ended up just doing a simple  =A2=B2. I tried to figure out how to fix this via formatting, but was unsuccessful.  Do you have any thoughts by any chance on how I could format this differently.


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